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Integration Services

Bridging the gap between your existing systems and new upgrades requires built-in flexibility. We combine the functions of the systems consultant and the systems integrator. This gives your project continuity from start to finish.

We streamline the process of transforming original ideas into physical reality. Technical documentation, CAD files and control systems code are provided to you at project completion. We strive to make every client, a client for life. By delivering as-built documentation and programming source code to our clients, we ensure that the investment they have made into their business is well protected and may be serviced with precision.

Updating your system with us will give you more control and flexibility than you are currently experiencing.


The integration needs to be flexible and accommodate just about any scenario, from an in-room presentation, to interdepartmental meetings between colleagues in several buildings.

AV rack with cables
Large screen in the media room

superior solution

We integrate anything clients space requires to create a seamless multimedia experience. Our audio visual integration solutions provide our clients with simplicity, reliability, performance and value.


Detailed user requirements provided by the customer are critical to keep project moving forward. We will answer questions, make recommendations, design and install necessary equipment and provided technical documintation at the end of the project.

CAD drawing of the AV project
Meeting Room - Monolith Systems


As highly experienced integrators, we provide integration solutions that not only meet, but exceed, client expectations. We consistently deliver our clients solutions they want by their due dates.

What does your business require from your integration solution?

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