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Pay -As -You -Go Managed Services

The true value of audio visual technology is measured in how it contributes to organizational challenges and goals. Monolith is committed to providing managed service solutions to ensure ease-of-use and deliver a return on your investment.

The reliability of your communications technology is vital to maintaining the productivity and uninterrupted workflow of your business. AV system operation can be affected by many factors, like varying users and levels of expertise, complexity of systems, equipment, and more. At Monolith we understand that flexibility is critical to delivering reliable service and technical support so that your AV systems continue to perform effectively. We offer a variety of custom managed services that fit your specific needs.

Single Point of Contact

Having a single partner for the design, deployment and service of all your complex technology means you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors, juggle different customer service departments, or manage numerous service contracts.

Services other than system installation (Managed Services)

You can use our managed services when you implement a new AV solution or let us manage and run your existing systems. Our approach is very flexible and designed to provide precisely the service that you need.

Examples of some commonly offered services include:

  1. General consultative support
  2. AV system design
  3. Equipment sales
  4. System integration
  5. Control system programming
  6. End-user training
  7. Incident management
  8. Preventive system maintenance
  9. Asset management

General consultative support

Monolith Modular Systems Inc. provides free, no-obligation systems evaluation at your site. We can detect, diagnose and resolve problems before they impact your business.

AV System Design

Monolith Modular systems Inc. has extensive experience working with a variety of different markets from educational settings to corporate environments.

As an integrator, our designs are based on actual experience in the field with system functionality. This includes considerations for AV technology and required infrastructure, as well as interior architecture and construction.

We can produce an initial budget, preliminary equipment selection, and system requirement definitions.

Following the delivery of final plans, Monolith provides complete system integration, from project management to commissioning. The last stage delivers managed services
in order to ensure a smoothly running operation.

Equipment sales

Monolith Modular Systems Inc. has established relationships with equipment and hardware manufacturers. We can help determine the best product, at the best price, for your situation.

System Integration

At Monolith Modular Systems Inc. we specialize in bringing together component subsystems into a functional whole and ensuring that they work together smoothly.

Control System Programming

We work with our clients to assure that the language and layout of the interface is intuitive and easy to understand and operate. Control system programming is one of Monolith’s strengths. It is very common for our clients to standardize program interface designs (their look and feel) and update other existing systems so that they all match and provide a consistent user experience. By providing in-house system programming we are able to be more flexible and present our clients with custom AV solutions.

End-User Training

Once an AV system is built, we focus on the right end-user training based on your business needs.

Incident Management

Monolith’s technicians can be dispatched to provide onsite support to solve your issues quickly.

Preventive System Maintenance

We can identify problems before they occur, provide feedback, and make recommendations regarding the performance and reliability of your system. This could prolong equipment life, help prevent equipment failure, and ensure that your system is performing to its original specifications at all times.

Asset Management

Asset Management helps companies make smarter decisions regarding future investments in AV. We ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment in AV control systems.

Today, audio and video conferencing technology is used by almost everyone in the business world in some form or another, with many being highly dependent on these forms of communication. Failure of these systems could lead to substantial productivity losses. To ensure that there are no problems, Monolith offers a host of systems and services, unique experience, industry and technology knowledge, and professional advice.

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with every one of its customers. We’re here to be your dedicated AV partner.
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