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touch-free A/V


A new work environment is upon us. Corporate America is beginning to reopen doors to employees after the lockdown.

A hybrid will emerge: The “new normal” will combine with pre-COVID19 meeting spaces.
This will be seen in corporate conference rooms, training rooms and higher education classroom technology.

The new hybrid environment strives to minimize tactile interaction with technology in the shared space.  Technology has provided us with methods to implement these changes: “Touchless A/V”

Touchless A/V refers to technologies that are contactless enabling meeting rooms and shared public spaces to be operated without touching any shared equipment.   This can be accomplished by adapting and adding onto already existing room control technologies or designing and integrating new spaces with this special purpose in mind.

Touchless A/V allows a meeting participant (or student) to walk into a designated space and have the room “recognize” that someone has entered.  Upon recognition the system can power up and start a meeting with minimal user interaction.

Touchless A/V technologies include: Occupancy Sensors, Wireless Presentation devices, and creative placement of Array Type Microphones.  Contact Monolith Systems for more information how to return your workforce to the office safely while maintaining productivity.

Monolith Systems will custom engineer a solution that is tailored to your needs.

As an independent A/V Systems Integrator we are a dealer/partner for many leading Touchless A/V solution providers including:

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