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Projector Maintenance

AV projector

Today’s professional AV projectors are available in several different types, each offering a wide array of features. They are reasonably priced and have the capability to provide an image as large as 12.5 ft. The large images provided by projections offer benefits in larger spaces.

One of the the issues that affect AV projector performance is dust. It accumulates on the blades and rotors of fans leading to restricted airflow. It also accumulates on the optical parts disabling them from cooling. The dustier the environment, the worse this problem becomes. Cleaning out dust within a device will reduce the chance of projector failure.

AV Projectors should be cleaned at least once a year. Projectors in schools should be cleaned at least every six months. A clean and well-maintained projector will last longer.

Before you can begin cleaning your projector, you must first make sure that the device is turned off and safely unplugged. Every projector brand is different, please refer to your user manual for product specific cleaning and maintenance instructions. If you’re someone who learns better when you can see what you’re trying to accomplish, you can find a tutorial online that will give you an audio-visual experience to help you through every step of the process. See example below.

Maintenance does not matter if the AV projector is installed incorrectly. You should always consult an experienced AV System Integrator , who specialize in bringing components together into a whole and ensuring the subsystems work together, prior to installing a device. Monolith Modular Systems is the New York Area Premier Design-Build Systems Integrator that provides expert design, consultation, technical support, and systems integration for boardrooms, classrooms, broadcast networks and more. Our entire staff provides both integration and technical support for the systems.

For free, no-obligation system evaluation contact us at (212) 947-2253.

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