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What stands Monolith Modular Systems Inc. out from the crowd

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In our previous article about merger and acquisitions in the AV Integration industry we talked about some of the strengths and competitive disadvantages typical to the mega and small AV integrators. The central theme of the argument was that there’s a place for both large and small firms, which can co-exist and bring different strengths to the table.

In Monolith Modular Systems we combine the best of both worlds.

As the New York Area Premier Design-Build Systems Integrator, Monolith Modular Systems Inc. occupies a highly competitive geographical niche.

What stands us out from the crowd

In our day and technological age customers make more of their own technology decisions. Nine out of 10 users want way more than they need, but some users have no idea what they want. Too many technology managers get caught up in the idea of having the latest gizmo and don’t think as much about why they need it or what they’re going to do with it.

Clients research products online on their own long before talking to the integrators about their technology needs. They search for products that have high ratings and the decision all too often simply comes down to the price.

Unfortunately, the excitement of low prices is quickly forgotten as problems arise and the  product doesn’t work as advertised, doesn’t fit or doesn’t work with existing systems and networks.

This is where Monolith Modular Systems comes in. Our business is a service business where we solve complex technological problems for our clients. We provide problem identification, problem solving, offer specific solutions to problems, and design/integrate/install systems that work as they should.

1. Free, no-obligation systems evaluation at client’s site.

We provide an assessment of customer’s current system free of charge.

2. Personal approach and custom technical solutions.

Clients expect integrators to provide them with a solution that simply works. They need to have the ability to walk into a room and navigate the system with zero training.

At Monolith Modular Systems Inc. the AV design process starts with understanding the user, defining the solution, and then testing it to make sure solution serves the intended purpose and includes the option for growth (anticipating what the customer might want in the future).

Often, customers come to us full of knowledge that they acquired online and barely a clue as to what to do with that knowledge. Because we are partners with a large number of manufacturers and have knowledge about hardware capabilities and compatibility, we can educate clients about new technologies and help them select the best products for the system regardless of brand name familiarity.

All systems are custom designed in collaboration with the client and end-users.

3. Customized control system programming.

When we refer to AV control system programming, we are talking about the process of creating a program that allows the user of a room or space to interact with the audiovisual equipment in that location from a single, easy-to-use interface (most commonly a touch panel or iPad).

For the control system programmers, knowledge of the devices and specifics of the AV industry are crucial. They are involved in the signal flow, functionality of the AV system, troubleshooting systems, and the user interaction with the technology.

Control system programs are not set in stone. Systems have to be flexible so that they can be modified based on preferences, improved to include additional features and enhanced functionality and upgraded to accommodate equipment changes.

All too often, integrators design or bid on a project with overly complex system designs; particularly with the user interface. Touch-panels are routinely designed with too many buttons, too many page flips and a difficult navigation system. The end result? Frustrated end-users.

At Monolith Modular Systems Inc. we create functional, reliable, easy and pleasant to use control system programs. At the customer request we include client’s logo, company colors and images in the interface.

4. Our primary focus is keeping our promises to customers.

Sometimes, we would see the customers come back a few years later as they moved through several integrators and none were able to meet their demands.

Working with clients to design cutting-edge solutions to address their A/V needs and integrating those solutions on-time and on-budget are the trademarks of the Monolith Modular Systems Inc.

5. We take time to build relationships.

We have knowledgeable and professional staff that provides both integration and technical support for the systems. This way the technician gets familiar with the jobsite, system and client, and  the client becomes familiar and comfortable with the technicians who arrive to service their system in the future, as it is the same technicians who installed it in the first place. The result: a mutual respect and partnership that grows into customer loyalty.


In a time when the AV commercial integration industry is experiencing a wave of mergers and acquisitions we acquiring our competitors’ business one customer at a time.

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