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SYMCO New York Technology Showcase 2018 – an opportunity to learn and improve

SYMCO New York Technology Showcase 2018

At Monolith Modular Systems we think that attending events is an excellent way to learn the latest technology, boost our skills, formulate creative ideas, and build relationships with others in AV field.

On October 4th, 2018 we joined SYMCO and AVIXA in the New York City Penn Hotel for a day of exhibits and seminars focused around Commercial Audio, Video and Data solutions.

Trying a product first hand and learning about it from questions and first-hand testing helps to chose right product for the project. The SYMCO’s showcase exhibits with hands-on demos provided convenient opportunity to try products first hand and learn about them from questions and first-hand testing. We could see products in action, examine unique design features, explore their potentials and had productive conversations with manufacturers addressing specific product-related concerns.


SYMCO New York Technology Showcase 2018 Exhibitors

Over 20 companies displayed their latest technology during the showcase. Industry-leading manufacturers and service providers displayed their best-in-category solutions in every major category of AV industry.

Photos from the SYMCO New York Technology Showcase 2018


The Showcase offered 6 classes with CTS credits presented by:
SYMCO New York Technology Showcase Presenters
One of the classes was ‘Designing for the Boardroom: Wireless Microphones’ presented by: Wesley Sutliff, Director of Product Management at Media Vision.

In the 30 minute presentation, Wesley reviewed the 3 most common mediums for wireless microphones in a boardroom – DECT, RF and Infrared. We looked at the challenges for these methods from the point of view of the user and the integrator and focus on how to make the right choice when designing for the small boardroom.

Presentation sparked a conversation about new trends and the user’s need for flexibility and dynamic conference rooms.

As companies have made their organizational structures less formal and more collaborative, meetings can often happen anywhere. People may need to use a conference room as a room for multiple smaller conference groups rather than one large one. After a departmental meeting, the same “conference” room may be needed later in the day for a training session requiring a different configuration of furniture or different furniture altogether. Technology that allows flexibility has become essential.

The main concern was that though wireless solutions provide flexibility, they often have inconsistent performance due to signal interference and poor maintenance. During the class we talked about different ways to avoid those issues.

Read more about wireless solutions and other technology trends, challenges and opportunities in our upcoming articles.


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