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Tip#1. What to look for when hiring AV Integrator

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One day on my way home from work I witnessed a conversation between two men on the train. In response to the question “Where you are coming from?” one of the men sad “I was visiting one of my clients. The company moved to a new location and the computer system wasn’t working.” “Did you fix the problem?” was the next question. The man very proudly replied that he found the problem and showed it to IT guy. “It’s not my job to fix it” he said. That stunned me. “He is probably a consultant” I thought. “Now the company will have to hire somebody to fix the problem. What a waste of time and money.” To be fair, I did not know those people or anything about the company they were talking about or the problem with the system and shouldn’t judge, but this chance encounter gave me the idea for this post.

Professions in AV Industry

The three main professions in the audio-visual industry are manufacturers, consultants, and integrators. Manufacturers make the audio-visual systems components, consultants choose and combine components to meet the client’s needs, and integrators install the systems as designed.

Hiring a Commercial AV Integrator Saves You Time and Money

Unless you need a network of multiple systems or a system integrated into a building’s architecture, hiring a Commercial AV Integrator that offers design and equipment services will save you time and money. Systems integrators have a wide range of knowledge and skills to be able to provide you with the best experience possible. Having a professional systems integrator work to integrate all of your audio/visual equipment will help to make your business’s technology user-friendly and provide you with the support you need if problems arise.

Look for Companies that…

1. Provide Customized Solutions
AV Systems integrators are not tied to one manufacturer, so they are able to work with many different companies to find the best audio visual solution for your needs – a blend of products that works best for your space with a custom-designed set of high quality easy to use AV equipment. By developing strong partnerships with top technology brands, AV Integrators have access to additional engineering resources, pricing discounts, and product availability. AV Integrators with relationships with multiple vendors can provide you with the best equipment and budget.

2. Provide Expert Advice On What Your Business Needs
Most integrators offer professional consultations at no cost and provide you with advice on what equipment would be worth investing in to give you the capabilities and experience you’re looking to create. It’s essential to hire a company that is willing to sit down with you and come up with a one-of-a-kind audiovisual solution for you and your organization.

3. Have Expert Knowledge of AV Solutions and Integration Best Practices
Look for trained specialists who can work with the different components of your system, and have experience with your type of projects.

4. Willing to Teach You
The ideal AV company will be happy to explain the technology to you and teach you how to operate it.

5. Provide Continual Technical Support and Maintenance
Working with a systems integration company like Monolith Modular Systems, Inc. provides you with ongoing technical support and an experienced maintenance team that can diagnose equipment problems and replace parts as needed.

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