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Tip #2. The key to finding an Audio-Video Systems Integrator

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If you’re looking for an Audio-Video Integrator to design and install AV technology in New York, you have many to choose from. Finding the one that perfectly aligns with the needs of your business will be key to your success.

Six Things to Consider When looking for a Reputable Audio-Video Systems Integrator in Your Area

The key to finding the best company for the job depends on several factors:

  • Are they Installers or Professional Audio-Video Integrators?
  • Are they a One-Stop-Shop for every AV need?
  • Are they capable of building custom systems for your space?

1. Look for Professional Audio-Video Integrator

Installation and integration are two important phases of any AV project. An Installer will physically connect or install all the electronic equipment. After all the electronic components are being installed, the Integrator will make sure all the electronic components will communicate and function properly.

Hiring a Premier Design-Build Systems Integrator that provides turn-key, custom built audio-video systems will save you time and money.

2. Cheaper does not mean better

Everything comes down to price. No surprise there. We want more, faster, cheaper and now. But nothing is cheap or expensive by itself, cost is always relative.

A low bid might indicate that the Integrator doesn’t understand the project, doesn’t have much experience or are padding the budget in other ways. It might also mean that they are missing some portion of the scope of work, which could create conflicts down the road.

New study by PwC, titled “Experience Is Everything,” says 42% percent of customers said they would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience, and 52% would pay more for a speedy and efficient customer experience.

Expertise, craftsmanship, integrity, service and custom design all combine to form exceptional AV service experiences, which companies develop over years of dedication to their craft. Some people believe it costs more to have one contractor do it all, but this isn’t always the case. Prices vary extensively, so the only way you’ll know for sure is by making an appointment for a free estimate.

A reputable AV Integrator will consider the time involved, as well as the cost of quality products. It will save your company money in the long run if you don’t purchase low-end products that do not last or hire an Integrator that doesn’t deliver on their promises. If you want to end up with a dependable AV system, you need the expertise and services of a specialist who can make it happen.

3. Choose One Integrator to Do It All

An Integrator who is installing the same systems he/she designed will know the best way to put them together. If there are last-minute design changes or additions, it will be much easier for them to make modifications.

If you decide on turnkey customized audio-video solutions through one point-of-contact, you’ll know who to call if something goes wrong. When you find an AV Integrator that you can trust, treat it as a partnership. It will save you from a lot of stress later if you can build a long term relationship with your AV services provider.

4. Find out if the company follows standards and best practices

Audio-Video standards and best practices matter, because they ensure that their systems last long and meet your requirements. From processing equipment that supports certain digital video protocols to audio and video clarity in any space, your AV provider should follow standards and best practices.

5. Check the company’s network of suppliers

Most AV companies will have suppliers for a wide range of audio visual equipment, for sale, so you will have the opportunity to compare prices and brands. Look for AV companies that offer more than enough reputable suppliers for your audio visual needs.

6. Chose an Integrator capable of building custom system for your needs

Not every piece of equipment works for every application. Not every application is correct for every company. Knowing what works and what doesn’t in unique circumstances is critical. After the equipment has been pre-confirmed for the application, the Integrator must make sure that the actual equipment is compatible with the room, space and furniture. They must also make sure that the proposed system works for the actual end-user. The wiring, the programming, the operation and usability all reflect how good an AV Integrator is. A great system is a terrific indicator that your post installation service experience will be good as well.


The best decision is an informed decision. Do your homework before hiring an Audio-Video Integrator. A reputable company will be able to see your goals and deliver complete technology solutions. Don’t settle for just any AV Integrator. Look for a partner who gets job done right.

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